Pokemon and Digimon A place for Digimon and Pokemon fans to come together. Some of the art I submit here is unfortunately without a proper source. It can be found here . If you recognize an artist's work and it has not been properly credited please let me know.

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monsters lurking
bearswithbeanies said:
I am in love with your blog!


30 Day Digi-Challenge; (Day 1) favourite champion level digimon» Gatomon

"my whole life, I just keep waiting and searching but I never find her…"

accalia-dean said:
I just have to say: You're amazing! Pokemon + Digimon = fucking amazing~!

Thank you thank you thank you!


Totodile watercolors tattoo
Done by: Campa

Corazon de Oro, Guatemala City.


Designed bye: Diego Robles (icarusdie)


Anonymous said:
arceus or beelzemon?


I’m impressed with how you thought of one of my least favorite pokemon and my most favorite digimon.

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